Desert Hot Springs wants to be the Napa Valley of weed

By Matt Guilhem Mar. 23, 2021 CANNABIS Desert Hot Springs is the lone Coachella Valley community north of the 10 freeway. Sitting in the middle of the San Andreas Fault, the city has long been known for its mineral waters that are rich in lithium. Depending on where you are in town, the natural spring water rises to […]

List Of Cannabis Dispensaries Affected By Civil Unrest Grows

Multiple cannabis retailers across the country have reported break-ins and vandalism during this period of nationwide civil unrest. As protests and civil unrest sparked by the death of George Floyd while in the custody of Minneapolis police continue in cities across the country, cannabis dispensaries from coast to coast have been the target of looters […]

COVID 19 Business Resources for you – Key links to pandemic response and recovery

<!doctype html>     The purpose of this post is to provide industry employers with useful pandemic response information. CVCAN and AtWork assembled some of the most important COVID-19 business links and wanted to share them with you since they were key to our own company’s effective pandemic response. While most Cannabis businesses are excluded […]

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CVCAN Newsletter 5/8/2020

<!doctype html>     CVCAN Newsletter – 5/8/2020   Message from the Secretary To All our CVCAN Members, Bronze, Silver and those Gold Members, I want to first say Thank You for your continued support by keeping your membership dues paid in these difficult times for ALL of US!. None of us has Ever Been […]

CVCAN Newsletter – 4/17/2020

Message from the President For more than four years CVCAN (Coachella valley cannabis alliance network) has lived by a core value established by its founders. ”CVCAN is the voice for the cannabis industry throughout the Coachella valley”. This enduring value guides us as we face the difficult challenge of responding to the coronavirus (COVID-19), which […]

Weedmaps drops thousands of unlicensed cannabis ads, but some illegal shops remain

California-based Weedmaps has lived up to the pledge it made in August of dropping unlicensed marijuana retailer ads from its site by New Year’s Day. But there’s a caveat: The self-published nature of Weedmaps’ platform, combined with its lack of vetting ads before they go live, has given illicit businesses an avenue to keep at least a […]

Feds Approve Hemp Cultivation On Tribal Land In Riverside County

The Santa Rosa Band of Cahuilla Indians said it will partner with outside businesses to produce the hemp on reservation land. According to an official, only three tribes, including the Santa Rosa band, have been authorized to cultivate under the U.S. Domestic Hemp Production Program. (Shutterstock) RIVERSIDE COUNTY, CA — The Santa Rosa Band of […]

2020 Predictions: What’s Next for Cannabis

By Team Headset DECEMBER 30, 2019   Prediction 1: Top brands will continue to gain market share ‍ As state cannabis markets have matured, there has been consolidation of sales among the top players within each market. In  Colorado, Nevada and Washington, the proportion of total sales captured by the top five largest brands increased […]

Why can’t California find the pot tax sweet spot?

It’s been three years since Californians voted to legalize marijuana, but the state is still struggling to figure out the right levels of regulation, taxation and enforcement to apply. The sweet spot remains elusive. The black market in marijuana continues to thrive. The amount of tax revenue coming in is a fraction of what proponents […]