The Coachella Valley has a strong association for those individuals and businesses directly and indirectly involved in the cannabis industry. The Coachella Valley Cannabis Alliance Network is a strong local group that is focused on advocacy and education, with additional benefits to its members in the form of networking opportunities.

Ongoing professional development, lobbying and community outreach are just some of the programs and projects happening for this very active cannabis association.

Led by a strong board of directors with a great depth of knowledge about the cannabis industry and representing a wide variety of business types, the Coachella Valley Cannabis Alliance Network, or CVCAN, continues to come up with new ways to disseminate information and advance its mission.

Another rewarding aspect of membership is the ability to join with fellow cannabis professionals to give back to the community by being involved in fundraising activities on behalf of local nonprofits like the Desert Cancer Foundation. 

“As a new board member but longtime member, I’m excited about being able to contribute even more to CVCAN’s goals and objectives and to continue to advance the cannabis industry as a whole,” shared Nicole Weber, founder of Nug Digital Marketing. “The commitment shared by the board is exciting to see and be a part of and I’m looking forward to bringing even more opportunities to the members and education to the community.”

Learn more about CVCAN at and learn about the ways you could benefit from being a part of an organization that provides a responsible and productive voice for the cannabis industry in the Coachella Valley through innovative and effective programs in development, operations, regulations and outreach.