As the cannabis industry continues to grow, it’s important to have a voice to represent the interests of businesses and entrepreneurs within the space. That’s where the Coachella Valley Cannabis Alliance Network comes in.

CVCAN is a leading trade group for businesses involved in the cannabis industry. They work to promote and protect the interests of their members by advocating for sensible cannabis policy reform at the local, state and federal level.

Since its inception, CVCAN, like other cannabis industry associations throughout the nation, has been working tirelessly to educate elected officials, stakeholders, members of the media, residents and businesses about the benefit of the cannabis industry, including economic development. They continually work to advance cannabis policy reform measures like the CARERS Act and the SAFE Banking Act.

The Coachella Valley’s Cannabis Industry Association is also working to create a more favorable business environment for cannabis companies locally, statewide, and nationally. That includes advocating for changes to IRS tax code Section 280E, which currently prohibits cannabis businesses from taking standard deductions like those enjoyed by other businesses.

Other benefits for members that join this cannabis industry association include standing strong alongside others representing the cannabis industry who are committed to bringing credibility and best practices to the industry. Association members will enjoy enhanced advocacy support, exceptional networking opportunities and visibility as well as access to current industry trends. Most importantly, members will receive critical networking, training and educational opportunities related to the cannabis industry throughout the Coachella Valley and beyond through our many events and our member resource directory.

If you’re looking for a voice to represent your interests in the cannabis industry in the Palm Springs area, then the Coachella Valley Cannabis Alliance Network is your best bet as an influential cannabis association. With more than 100 member businesses, they represent all aspects of the cannabis industry within the association. You can learn more about them on their website,

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