Coachella Valley Cannabis Alliance Network is a Coachella Valley cannabis association and offers a responsible and productive voice for the cannabis industry in the area. The association targets its programs to meet the developmental needs of the industry in terms of helping it with actionable insights on operations, regulation, and outreach. 

Why Join the Network?

Joining CVCAN has several benefits. While it acts as an association advancing the interests of the legitimate and responsible cannabis industry, it also serves as a resource center providing relevant news, legislative amendment, and updates.

A host of cannabis industry players have come under the banner of CVCAN as Gold, Silver, or Bronze members. The members become part of a robust support structure in terms of receiving advocacy support, best-in-class networking opportunities, high levels of visibility, and access to the latest industry trends. Moreover, members receive critical networking, training, and educational opportunities. These opportunities are available throughout the Coachella Valley and beyond through the events CVCAN holds and the member resource directory it maintains. 

The number of employees who can attend networking dinners or the number of social media posts you can run on CVCAN’s page depends on the membership level you hold. With a Bronze membership, you will have one entry to every CVCAN monthly networking dinner. With a Gold membership, you will get two entries. The silver membership will make you eligible for 10% off on any event which the Coachella Valley Cannabis Association hosts, whereas, with a Gold membership, you will get 15% off. The Bronze, Silver, and Gold memberships come at an annual cost of $499, $749, and $1,249 respectively.

Through your membership in CVCAN, you also ensure local political representation for your business. CVCAN has close affiliation with the CCIA and the NCIA. It can ensure discounts to CCIA and NCIA events as well. 

Like any other industry body, CVCAN also helps you with crucial industry resources, information, and insights. This, the network ensures through Coachella valley cannabis association membership qualifies you to receive emails regarding all CVCAN events and pertinent local industry information. The CVCAN resources also keep you updated on the legislative developments. 

CVCAN also conducts surveys to understand and share the current state of the industry. With deep insights on the industry in hand, it plays both the roles of the advocate and educator. Keeping the pandemic in mind, CVCAN has also come up with a list of key resources aimed at pandemic response and recovery.