The Coachella Valley Cannabis Alliance Network or CVCAN serves as the voice of the cannabis industry in the Coachella valley. It is often called the Coachella Valley Cannabis Network too. The network ensures through its innovative programs and events that the members get access to the most current information in the industry. It also makes sure there are sufficient learning and networking opportunities to bring cohesion and best practices to all members while improving the industry.

The Membership Layers and Benefits

CVCAN has three membership layers: Gold, Silver, and Bronze. The gold membership costs $1,249 a year, whereas the Silver and Bronze membership costs $749 and $499 respectively. The benefits of Coachella Valley Cannabis Network membership are wide-ranging and diverse. Members get entry to monthly networking dinners. CVCAN places the members’ logos on their website and links them to the company website. It also allows members’ social posts on CVCAN’s social media handles. The association keeps its members updated through email about pertinent local industry information. It also ensures state and national-level political representation for the industry and its members through its close affiliation with the CCIA and the NCIA.


The Current Leadership

Brent Buhrman is presently serving as the Board President of CVCAN. Buhrman has more than 30 years of experience in the cannabis industry, including successfully running a medical cannabis delivery business between 1996 and 2009. Between 2009 and 2019, Buhrman has also operated one of the very first medicinal cannabis dispensaries in Riverside County.

Jacelyn Kane, the former Executive Director of San Francisco’s Entertainment Commission, serves as the Vice President of CVCAN. Apart from the president and the vice president, there are 10 members on the Board at present. One Board seat is open at present for eligible and willing members to apply.



If you are a part of the Coachella Valley cannabis industry or the overall cannabis industry ecosystem, you can take advantage of the Coachella Valley Cannabis Network’s services. You can use its resource center and subscribe to CVCAN’s newsletters. You can also check its blog section for resources on pandemic response and recovery. It also provides regular updates on new cultivation zone permissions, available cannabis investor profiles, and more. As a new entrant to the cannabis industry, you will find this information hugely beneficial for setting up your business efficiently.

Some of CVCAN’s member businesses include The Lighthouse Coachella, The Micro Buddery, Green Savants, Miss Evergreen, Surna, Kurvana, Kidder Mathews, Magic 420 Tours, Bio 365, Nationwide Cannabis Funding, and more.