AI Mastery in Marketing: Transforming Prospects into Profits

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Event Recap

The event, hosted by CVCAN (Coachella Valley Cannabis Alliance Network), Nug Digital Marketing and the Greater Coachella Valley Chamber of Commerce, was simply fantastic. Nicole Weber, CEO and Eric Bingham, Creative Director of Nug Digital Marketing delivered an outstanding presentation, “AI Marketing For All,” last April 25th. They discuss AI’s impact on marketing and how to harness its power to increase profits for your business. 

Throughout the event, we explored AI’s top tools, best practices for incorporating AI into marketing strategies, the significant time savings it offers, and when it’s best not to rely on AI. We also discussed common pitfalls to avoid and offered a glimpse into the future of AI in marketing.

Sponsors: The Caputo Group, Greater Coachella Valley Chamber 

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Inside the Event

Photo Credit: Jeffrey Kahn and Scott Rusczyk 

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