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Event Recap

On February 21st, 2024, an insightful and enlightening event took place at the Miracle Springs Resort and Spa in Desert Hot Springs. Organized by the Coachella Valley Cannabis Alliance Network, Holistic Caring, The Green Nurse and Bloom Hemp, the event aimed to educate canna curious attendees on the potential benefits of cannabis and CBD as tools for wellness and healing.

The event, titled “Cannabis 101,” delved into various aspects of cannabis, including its history, current research, and the workings of the endocannabinoid system (ECS). Participants gained valuable knowledge about different cannabis components, terminology, types of products, and safe usage practices. Case studies were also presented, offering real-life examples of how cannabis and CBD have positively impacted individuals’ health and well-being.

A significant focus of the event was understanding how cannabis aids in healing. Attendees learned about the ECS, a crucial feedback network in the body responsible for maintaining balance. Through discussions on the neuroprotective and anti-inflammatory properties of cannabinoids, attendees gained insights into how cannabis can potentially help manage various conditions.

The event highlighted the growing trend of people turning to cannabis and CBD to address a wide range of health issues. From chronic pain and seizure disorders to anxiety, depression, and sleep disturbances, cannabis and CBD were presented as potential options for managing these conditions. Additionally, attendees learned about the role of cannabis in supporting metabolism and overall wellness.

Overall, the CBD and Cannabis Education For Wellness event provided attendees with a comprehensive understanding of the potential benefits and applications of cannabis and CBD in promoting health and wellness. By offering valuable insights, research findings, and practical advice, the event empowered attendees to make informed decisions regarding their health and explore alternative approaches to wellness.


Sponsors: Miracle Springs Resort and Spa, Big Cloudz, Ohana Cannabis Co., Bulldog Cannabis, Embarc, The Palm Springs Dispensary, Double Eye

Enjoy this encore presentation of the Community Wellness & Educational Event hosted by CVCAN and Miracle Springs.  The video covers tips on understanding the difference between THC and& CBD, dosing options for Cannabis products, and the legal advancements to bring cannabis into healthcare. 
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