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How to add an event recap "gallery" post

Quick Facts

  • Past events only (upcoming events RSVP pages are created in Wild Apricot not applicable to this process)
  • An event recap blog post is created after each event. 
    • For regular monthly networking events duplicate the event recap template
    • For special events with a charity, video, and big sponsors duplicate the 2nd annual golf post
  • The Event Gallery is a category archive page automatically updated each time a post is published to the “inside our events” category.
    • Featured image must be set on the post to display a thumbnail on the event gallery page
  • Images must be sized down before uploading or the page load time will be slow and it can break the site when uploading to the media library due to the slow server.

Steps at a glance:

  1. Prep images to web quality guidelines (see below or slow page load time will be an issue)
  2. Duplicate “event recap template” (do not edit the template itself)
    1. edit content
    2. set a featured image
    3. publish new post

Event Photo Guidelines (web quality)

  • Page header image: 1200x500px
  • Photo Gallery: Limit up to 40 images per post.
    • Images sized down to 500-900 pixels wide
    • Files JPEG optimized to 70kb – 110kb max each
  • Images can be bulk resized using this free site:

Consider that one gallery at 70kb size will be 2.8MB of images loading on the page. Less images with small file sizes are better for page load time and SEO. 

Example: Original images are 6,000 pixels wide (over 10MB each). Using 15% in the resizing tool they size down to 900 pixels wide (only 67KB each). Or set the width to 900 pixels wide and the image quality 50%.

TIP To keep the gallery thumbnails in even rows the photos all must be up to the same maximum height (the width is automatically adjusted but something way higher than the rest will stick out like an unusually large looking thumbnail.)


  • Required: Event photos sized to guidelines (name files using event title e.g. “August 2021 event_1)
  • Optional: Header image sized to guidelines
  • Post title = event name i.e. “August 2021 CVCAN Networking Dinner” or “2nd Annual Golf Tournament”
  • Paragraph about the event. Repurpose copy from the event RSVP page using past tense.
  • Optional: Gather URLS to sponsors and organize sponsor photos if applicable
  • Optional: Gather URL to charity, photo and paragraph of copy if applicable

TIP Body images turn square (not images in gallery): Media sized images display square with white space top bottom if image if the image ratio is not square. Prep image prior to uploading to the desired ratio/size for display and then select “full size” when inserting images to the body to get around images turning square. 


Before getting started, upload event images to the media library. This can also be done inside the post yet may slow the site resulting in server error.

  1. Go to posts > drafts>”event recap template”
  2. Duplicate the template and edit the new draft. (Do not edit or publish the template.)
  3. Edit post content and delete any sections that aren’t relevant.
  4. Replace photos in the image gallery.
  5. Set an event photo in the “featured image” field.
  6. Optional: Add a header photo inserted to the top of body. (1200x500px set to full size)
  7. Confirm the “inside our events” category is checked and publish the post.
  8. DONE! Copy the public URL (not the preview) and send out to marketing team for promotions.

The event gallery page automatically updates with new posts from “inside our events” category.

Step 1-2 Duplicate Post Template

Step 3-6 Edit Duplicate Draft and Replace Photos

Tip: Select “full size” when inserting images to the body to get around images turning square.

Gallery settings guide:
4 columns, large size, link to media file (this opens a modal popup of the image with arrows to view other images)

Alternatively use 3 columns when there are few images.

Limit each gallery to about 32-40 images or 8-10 rows/4 columns. 24-32 images are recommended.

Limit galleries to 2 galleries (max 40 images), sponsors and top photos from the event. Top 24 event images and 4-8 sponsor images in separate galleries is recommended. 2nd annual golf post is a good example.


Prepared by Melonie Gallegos

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