The company announced that it can now transport and bank any amount of cash for any company in the United States


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May 15, 2019 – (Palm Springs, CA) – PRESS RELEASE – California-based HARDCAR is on the cusp of securing the country’s first multi-billion-dollar bank dedicated to banking cannabis, CBD and hemp money. The company has announced that it can now safely transport and bank any amount of cash for any company in the United States.\

This announcement is a major milestone for HARDCAR and also for the industry at large. In an effort to secure the nation’s largest secured network of banks, the company has been able to establish routes for any CBD and hemp company, anywhere in the country.

“Distribution of product is the most important part of our business, but banking is the critical component of our secured distribution platform”, said Todd Kleperis, CEO of HARDCAR. “We don’t ever want to dead-head or drive product one way and return empty. Most, if not all, of the traditional distributors in the cannabis industry don’t have a less-than-loaded model, which is a just a poor use of resources. We move more, which is actually better for the entire cannabis industry. Less fuel equals less environmental impact, with more goods and services moved at one time. No other US distributor can say that.”

HARDCAR has the largest number of banks moving cash from the cannabis industry, and provides the services required to ensure these institutions are in compliance with state laws.

As a secured logistics provider and distributor of cannabis cash and product, HARDCAR’s extensive experience and focus on public safety and compliance ensures positive growth within the industry. Banking solutions are imperative in keeping cash off the streets, helping to reduce potential criminal and violent activity. Safety is, and has always been, of the utmost importance to the HARDCAR team.