The cannabis industry is growing very competitive and it’s crucial that businesses in the field find a good business marketing agency that specializes in cannabis to assist them. What’s the best way to identify a marketing agency that will help you achieve your goals in the cannabis business? Here are some considerations and questions to help you in your quest.

How experienced is the cannabis marketing agency you are considering?
There are many agencies that have a little bit of experience in cannabis, but it’s an industry full of difficult and changing regulations, and you’ll need one that can help you navigate the marketing maze – not learn cannabis marketing on your dime.

If they have cannabis experience, is it relevant?
If the cannabis business marketing agency you’re considering has experience with dispensaries, and you’re a manufacturer, it might be a good idea to keep looking. You’ll be interested in a whole different audience and there needs to be a whole different way to reach them. All cannabis is not created equal.

Are they able to share results and case studies?
Can the cannabis business marketing agency you’re considering share actual results from previous campaigns they’ve done? In this world of digital and email marketing, there are tangible metrics that can show impressions, click throughs and conversions. Make sure they share real results, not just top level impressions that may not have resulted in anything.

Will they provide references?
It makes sense to contact references to find out how responsive the marketing agency is. How well do they understand cannabis? Do they just take orders or do they continually offer new ideas and strategies? Are they flexible if situations change?

Does the cannabis agency you’re considering work with businesses that are your size?
If the business marketing agency you’re considering for your cannabis company has been working with major brands, and you’re a start up, will they be able to adapt? Budgets will be different, goals aren’t the same, and even strategies and platforms won’t parallel. All cannabis experience is not the same and you need a cannabis agency that will understand where you are in your business cycle and be able to offer advice and guidance accordingly.
Good luck with the search! It’s getting very competitive in the cannabis industry and you need the right cannabis marketing agency on your team to help you achieve and exceed your goals.

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