All major metropolitan areas where cannabis is legal have one or more cannabis associations, and the Coachella Valley is no exception. The association in the Coachella Valley is the Coachella Valley Cannabis Alliance Network, or CVCAN, and serves more than 100 members.

Serving as the voice for the cannabis industry in the Coachella Valley region, this cannabis association provides many benefits to its members and the area at large. This cannabis association provides  unique opportunities for innovation, capital investment, regional leadership, community involvement and elevating cannabis as an industry and product among all target audiences.

As their mission states, “Coachella Valley Cannabis Alliance Network (CVCAN) is an organization that provides a responsible and productive voice for the cannabis industry throughout the Coachella Valley. Our innovative programs and events foster networking and important information in the development, operations, regulations and outreach.

Member benefits from the Coachella Valley cannabis association include professional development opportunities in regulations and operations, networking through mixers and dinners, and advocacy efforts locally and statewide. There are also member discounts for events and opportunities for self promotion through website blogs.

Benefits for the public include serving as a resource for the media, elected officials and their staff, and the public at large through speaking engagements, at meetings, symposiums, expos and with general education and information.

Members in the Coachella Valley’s cannabis association come from all aspects of the cannabis industry, as well as ancillary businesses serving the cannabis industry. This includes cannabis retailers, manufacturers, growers and professional services like testing labs, as well as accountants, lawyers, real estate professionals, marketing and public relations experts, financial services representatives and more. This makes membership valuable to all, as there are opportunities to find and procure professional services as well as network with potential customers. Many members also offer discounts to fellow Coachella Valley cannabis association members, making membership even more valuable and worthwhile.

The Coachella Valley cannabis association operates with a strong network of member-led committees, which do everything from share industry updates via the newsletter, to planning events, to holding professional development seminars and panels, all to the benefit of members.

Memberships are available at different levels to keep it affordable for those wishing to participate.

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