For those wondering if there’s a Coachella Valley Cannabis Association the answer is yes!

The Coachella Valley Cannabis Alliance Network (CVCAN) serves as the Coachella Valley’s cannabis association and draws members from all aspects of the cannabis industry, as well as those with goods and services of interest to the industry.

Members of this Coachella Valley association include cannabis growers, manufacturers, retailers, labs and equipment as well as companies and individuals in legal, real estate, marketing, accounting and more.

There are more than 100 members who participate with the Coachella Valley Cannabis Association and benefit from professional development opportunities, operations and regulations information and networking, as well as contributing to the education of local and state elected officials and their staff. In addition, the Coachella Valley Cannabis Association lobbies on behalf of its members and the cannabis industry.

Members of this cannabis association also serve as a resource for the community, including as speakers for civic groups, as media spokespeople, and as part of charity fundraisers, among other activities.

There are several membership levels, with the goal being to make the valuable benefits of membership available to every size business. Member benefits also include the ability to contribute social media posts, blogs and discounts to CCIA and NCIA events. For those businesses desiring extra visibility, sponsorship of various cannabis association events is available, as is on-site hosting.

Events that the cannabis association in the Coachella Valley sponsors or participates in include cannabis industry conferences, 420 friendly shows, open houses, ribbon cuttings, mixers, dinners and a golf tournament held by the cannabis association that benefits Desert Cancer Foundation, a Coachella Valley-based nonprofit that serves local cancer patients without insurance and those who are underinsured.