The Coachella Valley is fortunate to have its own cannabis trade association with the Coachella Valley Cannabis Alliance Network, or CVCAN for short.


This trade association has more than 100 members and represents every aspect of the cannabis industry from growers to retailers to product manufacturers to labs, as well as those indirectly involved with services like accounting, legal, real estate, marketing and more.


This means there’s a wealth of knowledge and information for members to share between each other, as well as an opportunity to network and do business with fellow cannabis trade association members.


There’s also an opportunity for this cannabis trade association to work together to advocate and educate. That means members are getting involved with lobbying statewide, regionally and even locally on issues that pertain to the cannabis industry. It also means that as a group, this cannabis trade association can educate elected officials and the public at large on issues relevant to the industry, and help to bring about a deeper understanding of the benefits associated with the cannabis industry including health and wellbeing, economic development and job creation.


CVCAN also works closely with the California Cannabis Industry Association as well as the National Cannabis Industry Association so there are benefits available to members through these affiliations as well including discounts to events and supporting their education and lobbying efforts.


Membership in the Coachella Valley’s cannabis trade association is very reasonable and starts at just $499 for a year. This level of membership entitles a company or individuals to an entry each month to a networking event, a logo placement on the CVCAN website, two posts on the trade association’s social media platforms, discounts from fellow members as well as legislative and local industry information updates. Other levels of membership include the same items but with greater numbers where applicable. More information can be found on this cannabis trade association at