Several years ago, a group of interested individuals took it upon themselves to create an organization for the Coachella Valley that could educate the public, elected officials and the media on the benefits of cannabis, including economic development. This same organization also serves as a networking and professional development opportunity for its members.


The Coachella Valley Cannabis Alliance Network, or CVCAN, is a cannabis association that operates with an executive director, board of directors and multiple committees as part of its governance structure.


With more than 100 members from every facet of the cannabis industry, including growers, retailers, marketers, legal, real estate, accounting, product manufacturers and more, this cannabis association has grown into a respected organization that continues to serve as a resource for cities as they consider adding or amending guidelines related to cannabis, and as a valuable tool for advancing education among its members. Through its association with state and national cannabis organizations, the Coachella Valley’s cannabis association, CVCAN, also helps support education and lobbying efforts that serve to advance the industry.


The Coachella Valley cannabis association is also an important part of the community itself, contributing on a regular basis to nonprofit organizations, including the Desert Cancer Foundation, a group that provides funding for under and uninsured cancer patients, and with the assistance of local oncologists, is able to fund treatment and provide resources for their clients in excess of what is actually paid.


A regular schedule of networking events and educational seminars, social media visibility, along with discounts for members from fellow members and other organizations and updates on current trends, all combine to make membership in this Coachella Valley cannabis association a good business decision.


To learn more about the opportunities available through the Coachella Valley’s own cannabis association – the Coachella Valley Cannabis Alliance Network – please visit