The Coachella Valley is fortunate as there is a local cannabis trade association working on behalf of members, and to the benefit of the community. One of the leading cannabis trade associations in the country, the Coachella Valley Cannabis Alliance Network features more than 100 members that work directly and indirectly in the Coachella Valley.


Members include cultivators, retailers, labs and product manufacturers as well as those in marketing and public relations, insurance, legal, banking, real estate, accounting and more. In addition to networking with each other, members benefit from professional development programs and educational seminars. The status of pending cannabis legislation is also shared, and members are given the opportunity to assist with the education of local, regional and state elected officials.


The Coachella Valley’s cannabis trade association also works to serve as a resource to the community at large, answering queries about everything from the zoning in particular cities for cannabis-related businesses to dispensary location guidelines and regulations to banking laws related to cannabis and more.


As a leading cannabis trade association, the Coachella Valley Cannabis Alliance Network also features a strong foundation with an Executive Director, committed Board of Directors and committees that assist with every aspect of the organization. 


The Coachella Valley Cannabis Alliance Network trade association also works closely with the National Cannabis Industry Association through their Allied Associations Program, making even more resources available for members. These programs facilitate cooperation and sharing resources for mutual benefit. It allows the leaders of both to work with, learn from and support each other.


NCIA is the largest and most established cannabis trade association and a stated goal is to help other associations thrive and provide as much value as possible to their members. And in return, Allied Associations such as CVCAN benefit NCIA’s national efforts by sharing expertise and insights into their communities to help advance the industry’s broader goals.

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