Whether you are in the most basic of occupations or a position needing the highest level of education and experience- there are one or more professional associations for you to be part of. But, given the number of tasks we do every day, joining a professional association is unlikely to be among your top priorities. However, this may cause you to miss various benefits a professional association membership offers. While each professional association has its own advantages, a cannabis association will offer some of the below-mentioned benefits.


Benefits of Joining a Cannabis Association

  1. As a member of a cannabis association, you will have the ability to take part in developing the standards and best practices of the industry


  1. You will get a chance to connect with other members. Joining an association will provide you with contacts at the local, state, national, and even international levels. Moreover, such contacts can add value to your existing practices and knowledge base.


  1. Members of an association will usually have access to professional development resources to enhance skills and stay well informed about the industry trends and changes within their field. Some examples of resources include newsletters, workshops, conferences, white papers, among other educational resources.


  1. Membership to a professional cannabis association will also give discounts on a wide range of products and services. It may include a free subscription to the association’s newsletters, magazines, and other publications.


  1. Members will have access to internships and scholarships. However, this facility is often given to students who are willing to pursue a career in their profession or members who plan to advance in their field. 


  1. Graduates who have limited or no work experience could get help in building their Resume from a professional association. Additionally, if you’re an active member of the organization, you may even get a chance at an internship, which can add value to your work experience. 


Choosing the Right Cannabis Association

As an individual, you can join multiple professional organizations but, how will you know which cannabis association will be the most beneficial for you? A simple Google search will show you hundreds of search results, and choosing the right organization can be a time-consuming task. Don’t worry; we have got you covered if you live in the Coachella Valley area.


Coachella Valley Cannabis Alliance Network (CVCAN) Association is an organization that provides a responsible and productive voice for the cannabis industry through innovative and effective programs in development, operations, regulations, and outreach. 


With this cannabis association, you can enjoy membership benefits like enhanced advocacy support, exceptional networking capabilities, access to current industry trends, and much more. Go ahead and check them out.