Courtesy of CVCAN Member Nug Digital Marketing

There’s no question that it’s getting crowded out there. In fact, Palm Springs has more dispensaries per capita than perhaps any other city in the country. So how do you stand out? Here are three good ways to start.

Listings Management

Are you listed with the same information on every available online directory? There are more than 60 available for cannabis businesses, and Google My Business and Yelp are just the beginning. Now you can also be listed for voice with Alexa, etc. Once set up, you can ensure customers are able to easily find consistent, accurate information online including hours, specials, your location, a description of what makes you different and much more. It also adds a lot of SEO value to your website because of valuable, credible backlinks.


Of course you can target customers online with keywords, but you can also target them when they’re near your shop (or near a competitor’s). You can also find them in neighborhoods, at the airport or anywhere you think your customers are coming from. Geofencing serves up ads based on location criteria you determine, and can be filtered with additional information including age. Don’t wait for them to walk or drive by – find them where they are!


This takes a little bit longer but can really pay off. Is there a neighboring business or non-profit you can work with to create a promotion or campaign? Causes you and your staff can support?

A special event with a percentage of sales to a non-profit who helps you promote it to their supporters? Staff members who pick a public area and conduct a cleanup that’s promoted to the media? Seasonal specials with neighboring businesses or gift cards for each other’s businesses with minimum purchases? Getting involved as a board member for a nonprofit and giving back is also a great way to raise your profile and that of your business. Offering to be a speaker for civic groups/Chambers, etc. to answer questions about CBD/THC, etc. Online free presentations through Facebook Live or other means to share information and answer questions. If you are the owner or manager, then promoting yourself is promoting your business.

The key is to take some time each week away from the day-to-day operations to think more creatively and more “big picture” about ways new people can find out about your business, and ways you and your staff can make that happen. And never forget, that great customer service that leads to strong word-of-mouth is always the cornerstone, so whatever you can do to strengthen that should be your foundation before undertaking anything new.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss these ideas with us, please feel free to reach out: or find us at the next CVCAN event! Nicole Weber, our CEO, is on the board of CVCAN and regularly attends the events.