The Coachella Valley Cannabis Alliance Network, or CVCAN, is an association formed to help educate and inform the public, media and elected officials about the cannabis industry and its many benefits. In addition, this cannabis industry association provides networking and professional development opportunities for its members through seminars, speakers, dinners and mixers. In addition, the cannabis association keeps members updated on pending relevant legislation and ways to get involved to help influence changes deemed beneficial. Members of the cannabis association also receive discounts to CCIA and NCIA events. In addition, helpful industry articles are shared through the website blog, and members are kept up to date on new insights into the cannabis industry as they become known such as buyer demographics.

Members of the Coachella Valley’s cannabis industry association represent all facets of the cannabis industry including growers, retailers, manufacturers and laboratories as well as companies and individuals in industries with services targeted to the cannabis industry. This includes legal, accounting, marketing, air quality, real estate and more.

Together they form a powerful voice that represents the cannabis industry in the Coachella Valley and serves as a resource for those seeking more information about the economic impact of the cannabis industry as well as dispelling myths around usage.

With more than 100 members, and many of them at premium membership levels, the Coachella Valley’s cannabis industry association has strong support among its members, and many of them actively involved in operations through a robust committee structure, coordinated by a salaried staff member.

Those interested in membership in the Coachella Valley’s cannabis industry association, CVCAN, can find more information on their website as well as a membership application form.